Don’t be a Cheapo!

You get what you pay for

There’s an old saying that goes a penny wise is a pound foolish. In the context of design it means, you can save a penny here and pinch a penny there, but in the end it will still cost you. I am not the most expensive designer to hire nor am I the cheapest. When you hire me you get quality, attention to detail, and tenacity to see a project beyond just launch.

Some details about how I work

It’s common these days to get a web site for a $100 bucks! If you pick up any newspaper you’ll find loads of web designers and deals. I’m not saying they’re all bad, but most don’t know what the heck they’re doing.

And then there’s your cousin Earl that knows it all, especially web site design. He has the latest notebook “puter” and “megahurtz” galore. He smells like beer, but you hire him anyway to design a vertical social network. Instead he designs * I have nothing against hamsters, I really don’t, but I am for getting you results on the web at an affordable price. So yes, you can have a successful web property, still put the kids through college, and not support cousin Earl.

Even more useful information!

I have a select few clients I work with. I have turned down projects either because I was paid too much (not true) or because of inappropriate content or because the client wanted to wear my pants. It was weird.

Anyway, I have created information architectures, designed web sites, and ensured usability on many projects. So I know what I am doing and I take pride in gaining long term clients with good taste in designers.

*please do not go to Earl is not real and any similarities to any members of your family is purely coincidental.