• Flat Design Browser

    Here’s a Flat Design browser set. This browser set is fully customizable and editable. Screens included in this set are loading, usability, search, 404, and secure.

  • Stamp PSD

    Stamp PSD is Adobe Photoshop file. The file can also be customized in Adobe Illustrator. Download now.

  • 8 Gray Backgrounds PSD

    8 must have gray backgrounds: The backgrounds are embedded in the PSD (Photoshop) file as background patterns that can be scaled or customized to your desire. Gray backgrounds provide just enough visual candy yet not go over board, but you could overlay color and spice it up.

  • Make it Pop WP Theme

    Here’s a theme based on that all too familiar saying, Make it Pop WP Theme. Here’s a WordPress theme and PSD file I created in honor of that much over used cheesy adage: “Make it Pop”. Feel free to use it, though remember you may not resell it or claim it as your own work.

  • SR-71 Vector

    SR-71 Vector created in Illustrator. About this jet: The Lockheed SR-71 “Blackbird” was an advanced, long-range, Mach 3+ strategic reconnaissance aircraft.

  • Flat Icons

    Created a set of 54 Flat Icons. These Flat Icons can be used for app, web, and print. The icons are built with Adobe Illustrator and your are able to scale as large or small as you legibly can.

  • Wireframe Stencils

    Created hi-fidelity Wireframe stencils. This is version one and I will be adding more elements as needed. This file was created in and to be used with Adobe Illustrator.

  • YouTube Channel Art

    Created a YouTube wallpaper channel or YouTube Channel Art. You can utilize this to create a template for YouTube channel. Enjoy.

  • 960 Grid Vector

    Here’s a 960 grid vector. This is especially helpful for creating accurate or higher fidelity wireframes. This file is compatible with Adobe Illustrator and can also be imported into Photoshop.

  • Firefox Browser Mock-up

    Firefox browser mock-up Photoshop file. The Photoshop file is layered and all text is editable. There is also a layer specifically for secure and insecure URLs.