• Search Engine Optimization

    Websites are useless without traffic.

    It is important to note that SEO is not a 24-hour project but a long-term project that sometimes takes from 3 months to a year to see real results. I cannot guarantee your success. However, this aspect of your website is probably the most critical part of your overall web strategy. If no one knows you exist, you get zero exposure and zero returns on you web investment.

    Organic SEO is a way to get the word out to your target market that you exist, what products or services you offer, and the rest is up to the user and your content.

    There is an old adage that goes “Content is king.” The content of your website needs to be fresh and up to date on a monthly basis. While content freshness can be labeled web maintenance, it overlaps with SEO and customer experience. Would you frequent a website that updates monthly or yearly basis? Users overwhelmingly choose fresh up-to-date websites over websites that are update less frequently.