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Treble Chat: My Voice Driven App Now Available on the App Store

By: Simon
Sep 2, 2023
Posted: Sep 2, 2023

Treble Chat

👋 Hey everyone, guess what? “Treble Chat” just hit the App Store, and I am so proud of it! Imagine not just texting with an AI, but actually hearing it talk back to you. That’s right, this app turns regular old text chats into full-blown voice conversations.

What Makes Treble Chat Unique?

Treble Chat leverages state-of-the-art OpenAI API technologies to offer a seamless conversational interface using your OpenAI API key. But what truly sets it apart is its integration with iOS voice synthesis capabilities. Instead of merely reading text on your screen, Treble Chat voices out the responses, making the chat experience incredibly immersive and interactive.


  • Real-time Voice Synthesis: Chat with your AI companion who not only understands you but also speaks back to you in a synthesized voice.
  • User-friendly Interface: Navigate through the app with ease, thanks to its intuitive design.
  • Open API Integration: Treble Chat utilizes open-source technologies, ensuring robust and reliable performance.
  • Accessibility: The voice synthesis feature makes the app more accessible to users with visual impairments, providing a more inclusive experience.

How to Download

Treble Chat is now available for download on the App Store. Experience the next level of conversational apps today!

User Reviews:

“The voice synthesis feature is a game-changer. It’s like having a real conversation!”
— Leigh

“Treble Chat has made my daily routines so much easier. I can chat while I cook, drive, or even workout!”
— Kevin


The future of mobile communication has arrived. With Treble Chat, experience an evolution in the way you interact with technology. To learn more about the app and its groundbreaking features, visit the official website or download it from the App Store today!

Start chatting differently, start chatting with Treble Chat. 👍🎉

Simon Urbina

Simon Urbina

Simon is a Product Designer and Front End Dev with over 20 years of experience. He started as a graphic designer and illustrator coding his first website in 1996. He has worked with brands like Publix, Microsoft, and Discovery Channel.