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This is the web design blog of Simon Web Design. This blog is dedicated to bettering the art and science of the web.

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Web Design is 95% Typography

Web Design is many things. It’s fun, it’s business. It’s good and bad. You should know that Web Design is 95% typography. Everything can’t be arial. Font choice like any design element is important and how it’s displayed more so.

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Web Design is like Baseball

It is America’s oldest pastime. It’s an amazing sport with tremendous athletes. And baseball is completely like web design. We will be looking at web design through¬†the lens of baseball so we can¬†understand who’s on first and what’s on second….

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Working on Webly

Creating a url shortener named Webly. The logo is going to be driven by a script I create by hand. More to come.

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Whiteboard Session: 3 SEO Must Haves

I have had a number of clients asking questions about a SEO. [twitter_pullquote]This is a short video to discuss the three most important things I think every SEO endeavor should have. [/twitter_pullquote]This is a way to show you just the…

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3 Web Design Security Tips

Security is important and most times an after thought. One only needs to look at the debacle of Neiman Marcus or Target just recently to see why security should matter at the code level for web developers. As a side…

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Say Hello to Bits WP Theme

We created a theme based on a timeline. There are a number of themes that kinda do what this does, but we add JS files and responsive layers that makes this an excellent theme choice for journalists, project managers, project…