WPEngine Hosting

We migrated from Host Gator to WP Engine months ago. There is absolutely no reason for us to complain. Everything about WP Engine is dare I say awesome. For the record they aren’t perfect. Yet, compared to the likes of Host Gator, probably the worst hosting company on the planet, the choice is easy. You have to do your home work on Hosting. If you need a WordPress specific host with rock solid security, WP Engine is simply amazing.

So here are my top 3 reasons for using WPEngine:

WordPress being so popular makes it a perfect candidate for web attack. So most hosting companies know this and will protect their shared hosting plans to a point and those that make the choice to get VPS for more controlled services are left hanging in the wind should you get attacked. In short, sec matters. Sooner or later every American company with an IP will be attacked.

Loading speeds mean a lot. From the user perspective nobody likes a slow website or a website that is consistently sluggish. As well search engine algorithms take speed and download times into consideration when they rank your site. Speed matters now.

Support is a misnomer. Maybe a better way to phrase this is with the word partner. When you pay someone for a service I strongly suggest make sure you have a partner for the long haul and for those 3 am calls. I can say that WP Engine 9 times out of 10 gets issues solved. I say 9 times out of 10, but they have solved every issue we ever had. They have done so in a professional manner. After some time using their services it’s like actually like they care about our WordPress website. Just wow.

See for yourself.