Wrote a blog post regarding grids and their historical value on WDS’s blog. There are designers that use grids and some that don’t. I use grids as well as Golden Section to layout pages and design interesting user experiences. This isn’t to say that a designer couldn’t be successful not using grids. Just a blog post communicating my appreciation for grids. Enjoy.

Via WebDevStudios Blog

For ages, grids have hung prose on pages to the benefit of humanity and to its curse at times. The topic of grids is lost to some, especially in a world that moves so fast. Designers have to, at times, initiate the creative process on a computer without even so much as a sketch. On the other hand, grids are held as the construct of beauty by many. Yet, we as designers must know the limits of our craft before limits can be broken the right way.

…This is not a post to dictate to others that using a grid is the only way to success. Because, it is not. Rather, this is a post to cultivate an appreciation for grid-driven design, while taking from the natural world. Even if you don’t leverage grids, there is a historic and mysterious value.

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