In an ever increasing tech monopoly world there are efforts that are extremely beneficial to both privacy and the user experience starting to take shape and here’s one.

I am not a big fan of Facebook and in that vein Instagram. I think that commercializing the content of users is bad business. It’s stealing. That’s aside from the fact that Facebook is wrecking havoc with marriages which can be seen here, here, and here. But, we’re talking pics not marriage.

So if I take a photo, it’s my photo. But not according to Instagram which now silently claims (despite there non-nonsensical TOS) because you share it on their platform they own it and can monetize it in some way yet to be determined. They say one thing, but will do another.

It’s important to own your content. It’s important because it’s yours. It’s that simple.

pressgramEnter Pressgram. “Pressgram’s enemy is clear: Facebook (and Instagram), and all applications that seek to control or even remove freedoms from the creator. Their intent on commercializing the users’ work at the expense to the user is evil and completely uncreative. They have the money and the collective genius to do it differently.” Wow.

That’s ballsy. Checkout Pressgram. I hope it’s a giant killer.