Pressgram vs Instagram, who is better?

Pressgram has been launched and is currently available for download. Pressgram is a photo sharing app made especially for WordPress users and created by John Saddington. John has an amazing vision for this app.

There are many factors that make Pressgram distinct from Instagram. Rather than going through a laundry list of reasons. I will go into one factor that should make believers of all Instagram users when it comes to your pictures and your content.

Reason #1: You Should Own Your Content

Social networks like Facebook and Instagram have terms of service when using their products. Without going into details terms such as these make privacy and owning your own content hard to do if not impossible in my opinion.

When you upload your pictures to a WordPress blog using Pressgram you can rest assured your content is yours and there is no fine print where a company can claim ownership and even profit from your pictures. So the biggest reason you should use Pressgram is because your content remains your property.

Without going too far into ethics and waxing poetic, I will simply say business should start with ethics. Ethics should not be an after thought. Pressgram does that. I believe and hope there are yet more entrepreneurs like John and more product offerings that do business the right way.

Oh yeah, It’s Free

It’s time Instagram users wake up and smell the freedom. Your content wants to be free. Try Pressgram now!