I wrote a guest blog over on discussing the benefits and risks to what we can describe as soup kitchen Web Design. You can’t expect to hit the ball out of the park without a good bat.

Many small businesses are faced with the financial realities of today. And like so many sometimes reading that you can build a website for a dollar can seem ideal, yet as the saying goes “if it’s too good to be true then it probably is”.

Small businesses have many issues. From strategy, to operations, to accounting, to cash flow. There is a mine field of problems small businesses face. By small I do not mean a million dollar company. By small I mean 50 employees or less.

The biggest issue for small businesses, like me, is cash flow. Speaking from mostly a B2B perspective, maybe you sell a product or service and certain clients or customers decide to slow pay or God forbid not pay. That can completely kill your cash flow and hurt your business.

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