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Status: Finding A Work / Play Balance

By: Simon Urbina
Jan 15, 2023
Posted: Mar 25, 2015

Finding Balance Between Work and Family

You’re exhausted trying to balance family, work, social commitments, and your own personal goals. It feels like there’s no time for anything else – let alone rest and relaxation! You’re feeling overwhelmed with all the demands on your time and energy, wondering how you can possibly do it all without burning out. In this post, I’m going to explore 2 ways that I experienced while finding balance in life during hectic times. With some mindful planning and prioritizing of activities in alignment with what really matters to you, regaining control over your schedule will be easier than you think!


1. Set Aside Time

One of the biggest changes I experienced this year was setting aside certain days where I would just focus on my family and nothing else. On these days, I would turn off my phone and leave work behind so that I could really appreciate the time with them, without worrying about other things taking away from our moments together. Even though some of these days were short or around holidays, having that dedicated time each week was invaluable to making sure we were all connecting as a family.

2. “Emergencies” Can Usually Wait

Before this past year, whenever something at work came up that needed urgent attention I would drop whatever else was going on in order to address it immediately. I have experienced that most emergencies can usually wait until later the following day if you plan ahead properly. As a result of this mindset change, my family has been able to do more activities and enjoy more quality time together without interruption from work related issues.

Find Your Balance

Overall balancing between work and family life can be hard but also incredibly rewarding when done correctly. It’s taken me some trial and error but experimenting with different approaches has allowed me to make small adjustments over the course of this past year which have made a huge difference in how much quality time I’m able spend with my loved ones while still getting everything done at work too. Being able to balance both helps me feel fulfilled in all aspects of life which is ultimately what matters most!

At the end of the day, you can’t take money with you or work accomplishments. Although, a Porsche Carrera is far better than a skateboard, all that’s left when we all inevitably shuffle of this mortal coil are the memories we built and the love we cultivate with our families.

The key to having good balance starts by recognizing you need balance – we all do. I hope you find that balance.

Simon Urbina
Simon Urbina

Simon’s a Product Designer and Front End Dev with over 20 years of experience. He started as a graphic designer and illustrator coding his first website in 1996. He has worked with brands like Publix, Microsoft, and Discovery Channel.