2015 might the busiest year I have ever experienced. Between work and family sometimes it’s hard to find a balance. This isn’t a top 3 things you can do to be more successful, this is just a reflection and a long overdue blog post for my own place in the web universe.

find-your-balanceHere’s what I have done for work:

  • Created Multiple Websites at an Amazing Studio, WDS
  • Created A New App For CRI: Equip
  • Created My First Plugin: Mega Ad
  • Created My Next Plugin: Donate Engine
  • Created A Game App For Kids: Kinder 1-2-3

Here’s what I have done for the Family:

  • Set Aside Time Only For Them
  • Played More With My Son
  • Emergencies Can Usually Wait And Did
  • Refocus Every Morning On What Matters, My Family
  • Take Walks With The Family Everyday
  • Tell Them I Love Them Everyday
  • Prove My Love With Action Not Just Talk

At the end of the day, you can’t take money with you. Although, a Porsche Carrera is far better than a skateboard. Nonetheless, all that’s left when we all inevitably shuffle of this mortal coil are the memories we build with our co-workers and especially the love we cultivate with our families.

The key to having good balance starts by recognizing you need balance – we all do. I hope you find that balance.