gemA business is like a jewel with many different facets or sides. Each side is part of the business. There are small sides like HR and very large sides like executive strategy. Yet, it is one jewel. I have a point so just bare with me.

As a designer and illustrator I am constantly making hardware purchases either for SSDs or supplies. One morning I had to run errands and decided to pick some ‘puter hardware at BestBuy. I was way too early and the store was closed  and I came across one tiny facet of BestBuy’s business that made it easier for me to purchase from them.


Best Buy Store Hours Sign is Easy to Read.

OK, where are my binoculars.

OK, where are my binoculars. My eyes hurt.

I am used to usually having to park and get out to check store hours, but BestBuy has an almost poster sized hours of business sign between their doors. You might say no big deal, why is that even a blog post.

It’s a big deal because businesses need to close the loop on the process for customers both online and offline. That is to say, they ran tests to know that if a person has interest to read store hours, the propensity for purchase is high so make the font bigger to make it easier for them to swipe the card.

One might say just use your mobile device or google it, which is completely valid. However, you have to remember facets of the jewel. What works online can’t work when a user doesn’t have access to a mobile device (because local regulations while driving) or maybe the customer wasn’t planning a purchase and is an impulse buyer.

Making things easier to use is at times hard online and offline. Businesses have so much to do from ops to marketing, tax burdens, and everywhere in between. Sometimes the path from hard to easy is just that little bit. It’s like a sign on the door telling me when your open so I can go in and swipe my card for goods without having to speed walk the parking lot. It’s really that simple. A business is like a gem with many sides with even the smallest facet, things like a sign, play a big role.

So when you want to “engage” customers, take off your label and remove your misconceptions. Take the time and really think what would help users online and an offline customer that woke up way too early, but really really needs to make a purchase anyway kind of customer. Thanks for looking out BB.