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Updated: Simon WP Framework 1.1.5

By: Simon Urbina
Dec 8, 2010
Posted: Jan 19, 2010

Happy New Year all, I have updated my WordPress Framework and blank theme. Please see change log for improvement details. Just reiterate the purpose of this framework / blank theme is so that designers can have a base theme from which to build and deploy themes for their clients rapidly.

In the near future I will be adding:

  • Post images on the home page with excerpt
  • Calender Date Stamp
  • Sticky Footer
  • Facebook Login
  • Lightbox Integration / Ajax Implementation
  • Inline Pagination
  • News Ticker
  • and more

Please feel free to email if you need any help.
Download Simon WP Framework

Simon Urbina

Simon Urbina

Simon’s a Product Designer and Front End Dev with over 20 years of experience. He started as a graphic designer and illustrator coding his first website in 1996. He has worked with brands like Publix, Microsoft, and Discovery Channel.