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Use Grunt with WP

By: Simon Urbina
Oct 15, 2014
Posted: Oct 15, 2014


GruntBeen using Grunt and it is great. If you are a late adopter like I was what are you waiting for? Jump in and give it a shot. Here’s a pretty neat tut:

Via Tutsplus:

Grunt is a JavaScript task runner installed via NPM that runs on your server. To use the information in this tutorial, you will need command-line access to a server. For the sake of brevity, I refer you to this tutorial for getting Grunt up and running and ready for use.


Simon Urbina
Simon Urbina

Simon’s a Product Designer and Front End Dev with over 20 years of experience. He started as a graphic designer and illustrator coding his first website in 1996. He has worked with brands like Publix, Microsoft, and Discovery Channel.