Was listening to the DradCast Episode 021. This is a late response. Love listening to these guys that love WP. I wrote a post recently about the pricing updates over at Woo.

I must say I was a bit disappointed hearing what they were saying or at least the tone. The tone was kind of like if you don’t support Woo you suck. I don’t get that.

I think there is no question Woo has the right to change their pricing scheme. I think though that everything complicated from there. Here’s what I mean. Your guest has a vetted interest in those plugins remaining there because he (like I) did buy plugins. It’s a kin to a person buying a certain mobile phone while working with that very product – there’s inherent bias.

If I told my clients they had lifetime support, guess what it means lifetime support. I don’t get the cheerleading here. A take down site is dumb and won’t go anywhere. Getting the code of others and just selling it is obviously wrong. Having said that, Woo made pricing errors and PR errors here.

You know what, that’s their path to getting better. Also if a Woo customer chooses the “option” to hold Woo to their word, that’s OK too. Again, if I promise a customer something I have to back it up or pack it up. In the end, Woo did just that although they did not roll it out in the best way. Woo made a self-interested decision. That’s their right, but vilifying customers that aren’t happy isn’t the answer either.