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WP Framework Updated to 2.1.9


We updated our WP Framework to 2.1.9.

The updates include CSS, post format, and other theme updates.

Please back up all work before you update your version.

There are big things in the pipeline for WP Framework. More on that soon.

Go to the WP Framework.

Catching Up With Matt Mullenweg

Good stuff from Matt. It’s late but worth it.

In this edition of WordPress Weekly, our special guest was Matt Mullenweg, co-founder of WordPress. After catching up with the headlines, we covered a wide range of topics with Matt such as: Automa… more

Web Design Cash Flow


Cash flow problems in any business can lead to closing your doors or force your business to limp along a path to eventually close your doors. Small businesses have to stay on top of things. In an economy that can at best be described as stagnant, I always want to get the best ideas to up the cash flow.

I recently had the opportunity to pose the question to the “Ask the Consultant” section on the The question covered cash-flow for a business our size.

Here’s the main question:

“Is there any advice you could give to a small business when dealing with cash-flow issues? More to the point, maybe you could discuss techniques to help businesses get clients to pay on time and often.”

You can read the question and answer here on the Giddy up.

Petition against YouTube comment changes nears 200,000 – Telegraph

I still don’t understand why Google would want to change the commenting functionality to float a floundering social service we are all basically forced to use. Don’t be evil?

The move that means users must now have a Google+ account to comment on videos has even been criticised by one of YouTube’s founders… more

Saturn From Cassini

Absolutely stunning, talk about good design.

Space Boxes Rocks

Nick Haskins a designer and lover of unicorns created an awesome WordPress Plugin called Space Boxes. I love the simplicity of it and it’s just plain awesome.

If you have WP builds and need a gallery solution, this is a must have.

Space Boxes (not Space Balls) was designed to make building content & media grids quick and painless. Each Space Box set is created solely with a WordPress gallery inserted into a custom post type. When you insert the shortcode [spaceboxes id=XX”] , it will display the title, and caption for each image, if they are provided. More Here